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A Side Not Told

The issue of reproductive rights and the right of women to control their own bodies has been passionately contested for decades. As more and more Republican Governors and State legislatures pass onerous restrictions on abortion access, as well as the growing alarm that the US Supreme Court will reverse Roe vs Wade, the abortion debate is once again up front and center. But there is a side to this controversy that few have recognized, yet it is crucial to the future of this nation.

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April, 2022

Why US Housing Costs So Much

Recently Secretary of HUD Dr. Ben Carson caused a dust up when he suggested that “legitimate American citizens” should be given priority over illegal immigrants when it comes to public housing. For many of us that’s a no-brainer. But this raises some bigger questions. “Why do we have to set a priority in the first place?” And why is affordable housing in the US such a seemingly intractable problem?

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January, 2021

Slipping the Grip of Pronatalism

Probably no greater force exists that will determine the fate of humankind than pronatalism. While not familiar to most, it is a fancy word about something we all know too well. From the time we were little ones until the time of leaving the family nest, this prenatal conventional wisdom has been pedaled…to be happy you need to find love, marry and have children with a partner for life.

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June, 2019

Greatness Returning to the USA?

President-elect Donald J. Trump says he’ll “drain the swamp” and “shake up Washington” in his quest to “Make America Great Again.” While chasing the ghosts of past glory has nostalgic appeal, a wise man will tell you it’s an elusive and futile pursuit. So, maybe Mr. Trump has a more promising vision, not yet articulated, that is grounded in reality for all Americans to rally behind.

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January, 2017

Making Sense of Immigration Reform

While there is a hiatus in Congress' attempt to reform an allegedly unworkable immigration system, let's take stock of what is involved in this effort. First and foremost the obvious has been ignored: America is full to the brim and doesn't need more people.

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October, 2014

Population Growth and Obamacare

The Congressional Budget Office and the Joint Committee on Taxation estimates that the Affordable Care Act "will have a net cost of $1.1 trillion over the 2012 to 2021 period." The new law aspires to "bend the cost curve" of provider services, while improving quality; laudable goals indeed, but vague and unquantifiable, taking years to achieve if ever. It is clear from our study that quicker and more substantial savings can be had by reducing legal immigration and curbing the number of unintended pregnancies. This combination could offset the $1.1 trillion cost for ACA by $313 billion in tax savings.

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July, 2012

The U.S. Population and Health Care Challenge

What does it take to provide health care for all? There are four critical elements to the success of any national healthcare delivery system: (1) political will, (2) predictability, (3) manageable scale, and (4) a healthy environment. With an ever-increasing population driven by a high birth rate and a very generous immigration policy, the chances of meeting these criteria will be difficult, if not impossible. Before tackling one of the biggest and costliest challenges of our time, we need to get our house in order by stabilizing growth.

As John D. Rockefeller III, Chairman of the Commission on Population Growth and the American Future, said way back in 1972, "Our problems would be easier to solve if we stopped growing." That was when the U.S. census was a little over 200 million, now it’s approaching 300 million and climbing rapidly.

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First published in Pop!ulation Press, Spring 2004, Vol. 10, No. 2